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Gabriel Roybal Photography


Gabriel Roybal Photography

Gabriel Roybal Photography

Gabriel Roybal – I started taking a million different photographs when I started commuting from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco on a daily Basis.  I have also been fortunate to travel to Maui several times over the years for a science and engineering teaching workshop.  I am going to miss this drive as well as the epic scenery when I move to the city next month.  Just getting it all out of my system now while the opportunity still exists.

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My name is Gabriel Roybal.  I am currently an ISIS PostDoc at UC San Francisco Medical School and a lecturer at San Francisco State University.  I will be teaching Stem Cell Biology in the Fall of 2012.

It is my hope that this site will serve as a place where students who are interested in an array of careers can hear the human/personal perspective of professionals and other students. You can imagine that it would be somewhat like a virtual Career Panel Discussion. I hope that it will serve as a place for students to see examples of every experience and background and how one can succeed and find happiness in the career of their choice – all the while retaining their identity outside of work.

Over the years as I have sat on Career Panel Discussions and interacted with students of different stages of their career, I am struck by the sense that stereotypes of professions, other students and professionals can influence whether a student thinks they want to pursue or could be successful at a particular career.  Most of us have had many experiences in our careers that are ‘non-traditional’ or challenging.  Sharing these experiences can enrich the decision making process for people a little earlier in their careers.  So rather than waiting for the next opportunity to share your experiences at a formal career panel discussion, i hope you will see this as an opportunity to positively influence students immediately.

I think hearing your story, would be very helpful for students considering various careers.

If you would like to share your experience – please contact me here at –  Or email me at

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